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About D.A. Sullivan & Sons, Inc.

Established in 1897, DAS has proudly served New England for 126 years,, with a primary focus on Western and Central Massachusetts. Our enduring commitment to personalized project management and customer value has enabled us to thrive in both public and private markets.


What sets DAS apart is our unparalleled insight and familiarity with local jurisdictions, subcontractors and suppliers, which allows us to leverage deep-rooted connections. As a result, DAS not only delivers exceptional quality but also fosters meaningful relationships that drive successful outcomes for every project.

DAS office

The Founding Fathers of DAS

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We've been around 126 years for a reason.

Our long established ties with the institutions, businesses, and municipalities in surrounding communities further our commitment to quality construction. Maintaining low overhead and a manageable number of projects per year, DAS can guarantee personal attention and commitment required to bring a project to a successful completion. We've continually completed projects on time, within budget, and with strong satisfaction from our clients. Accordingly, our overall management philosophy is one of personal attention, quality, and long-term dedication to an Owner. This generally fosters relationships that last well beyond the lifetime of a project.

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