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Berkshire CC Hawthorne & Melville
Berkshire Community College Hawthorne & Melville Halls - 2017

DAS provided Construction Management services for the renovation of two main academic buildings, Hawthorne and Melville Halls, at Berkshire Community College in Pittsfield, MA. In addition to the renovation of existing spaces, a new connector-the Community Commons- is designed on the second floor level between Hawthorne and Melville. This connector significantly addresses way finding and accessibility concerns, provides ample student gathering space and increases access to natural light. It will support a variety of student programs, campus wide events, and community events. The project transforms the campus in a way that provides current academic space while improving the character of the mid-century modern architecture. This project will be reviewed for LEED Silver certification.


Project Features:

•Improved circulation and wayfinding through the buildings via a new corridor system.

•Full Accessibility, with improved entrances

•New Connector link between buildings

•New Windows

•New HVAC systems to include air conditioning

•Improved distribution of academic departments, and resizing of classrooms per the current utilization practices.

•New student gathering spaces.

Berkshire CC Hawthorne & Melville
Berkshire CC Hawthorne & Melville
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