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Established in 1897, DAS has served all of New England, but primarily the Western Massachusetts area for over 120 years. With annual sales of $35-45 million, DAS typically manages 10-15 projects a year. Well regarded in the construction industry, DAS maintains deeply rooted ties to the surrounding communities.


Personal attention to project management and value to the customer have allowed DAS to remain a competitive presence in both the public and private construction markets.


Our long established ties with the institutions, businesses, and municipalities in the surrounding communities further our commitment to quality construction. Maintaining low overhead and managing a finite number of projects per year, DAS can guarantee the personal attention and commitment required to bring a project to a successful completion. We've continually completed projects on time, within budget, and with strong satisfaction from our clients.


The staff at DAS shares in our commitment to excellence. Many of our employees have been with us for over 20 years. Some represent a second generation of their family's involvement with our firm. Accordingly, our overall management philosophy is one of personal attention, quality, and long-term dedication to an Owner. This generally fosters relationships with an Owner that last well beyond the lifetime of a project.

Past Presidents of DAS
Dennis A. Sullivan
1871 - 1951
Neil J. Sullivan
1888 - 1953
Donald D. Sullivan
1908 - 1980
Donald A. Sullivan

The DAS Team

Mark Sullivan

President | Executive Project Manager

Email: mark@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-427-5767

Dan Steele

VP of Operations

Email: dan@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-427-0097

Tino Cardarelli

Senior Estimator

Email: dennis@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-530-8089

 Chief Executive Operator

Dennis Sullivan

Email: michael@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-575-2735

General Superintendent

Mike Diggins

Email: john@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-575-6035

Project Administrator

John Fleming

Andrew Fleming

Project Manager | Estimator | LEED

Email: andrew@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-727-5358

Ryan Gagne

Project Manager | Estimator

Email: ryan@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-588-7239

Toby Brown


Email: toby@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-530-3833

Jeff Bean


Email: jeff@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-530-3745

Peter Wyman


Email: peter@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-727-6208

Karl Ferguson


Email: karl@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-685-5052

Alex Dugre


Email: alex@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-727-2740

Ryan Sprague


Email: rsprague@dasullivan.com
Cell: 413-531-3706

Adrian Rutkowski


Email: adrian@dasullivan.com
Cell: 413-270-3097

Javier Campos

Project Manager

Email: javier@dasullivan.com 

Cell: 413-270-3298

Sheila Fleming

Accounting Manager

Jennifer Adams

Director of Business Development

Cicely Hislop

Project Engineer | Business Admin.

Mark Haradon


Email: haradonm@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-727-5076

Brett Brown


Email: brett@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-588-4199

Brandon Grover


Email: brandon@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-387-3176

Leon Terault


Email: leon@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-270-4075

Dan Thouin


Email: dthouin@dasullivan.com

Cell: 413-320-5296

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